How to Write an Album Launch Press Release [Samples & Templates]

A press release for a music album is a remarkable tool to utilize for any artist. An effective album launch press release is profitable for an artist’s reputation and global fame. The competition in the music industry is very fierce, and your press releases can often decide the extent of your album reach in terms of awareness and airplay. This guide will provide you with details of writing an album launch press release that you need while preparing to release your album.

Album press releases are one of the essential forms of press releases. The trick is to develop a publication that will make music journalists listen, with a unique perspective to your music, using a good story, and some information about the album.

Therefore, create content that shows the activities that birthed the album name. You can also mention who or what inspired the album and other artists featuring on the album. For the audience online, please include links to short audio they can stream to arouse the audience’s interest. These details will significantly increase your music listening opportunities, attract new fans, and more audience to your website as you become known in local and international media.

Furthermore, your album press release is more likely to get media attention if you include high-resolution artist photos. You can take pictures, and videos from your recordings in the studio or your official video session set and offer sound pieces of your new music album as you increase expectations of the fans to the release date. However, for the offline audience, a creative album art will do the trick to keep them glued to your album launch press release.

To reach out to more people online, you can optimize your press release for search engines. We recommend using various adjectives that describe your music as keywords with your artist’s name to attract more readers.

Your album launch press release must include the following information:

  • Press release title
  • Artist details: name, genre
  • Album title
  • Album release date
  • Recording studio
  • Quotes from artists, producers, music critics
  • Reviews (if available)
  • Image, artist/band, album cover (recommended)
  • URL of your fan page/ website
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate for artists; Contact information (contact person name, organization, address, phone number)

Use a catchy headline.

Highlight the album name to the center at the top of the page in bold to attract the reader’s attention. You can also highlight this information by underlining the headline.

Brief Summary

Describe with firm instructions by announcing your new album. This sentence must be preceded by the date of release and the location. If this is a follow-up album, show the group’s work beforehand so that the readers can familiarize themselves with your works. If this is a debut album, make a list and provide important music information.

Use this paragraph to acknowledge individuals who worked with you on your album, e.g., such as famous artists, producers, DJs, or others.

Second paragraph

Work in detail with the artist and the music album. This information is essential for a debut album. Describe both the artist and his works in a way that captivates the reader. Don’t be confused, but give some details about the album launch and the artist.

Third paragraph

Give readers additional exciting reasons why they should listen to your album. Avoid cliches and other phrases that describe the album as “great” or “fantastic.” Instead, provide specific information that is showing creativity in your announcement.

Additional information to include are:

Quotes from good group ratings, or featured artist. Including details of reviews that have been published or appear in known publications or prominent websites.

Call to action to artist website or group label and related tags or handles on social media. You don’t want to provide too much information and bore your target audience. Therefore, include links or phrases to get more information, pre-order, or order now.

Template for Music Album Releases

[Title of press release]

[City] [Country] Issue Date: [“Immediate Release” or specified date]

[Summary: Briefly explain your message]

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