A Brief Guide To Writing A Music Press Release That Collects New Fans

A Brief Guide To Writing A Music Press Release That Collects New Fans

TypingTypingOnce your music is ready for release, the next step is to prepare a carefully crafted press release that will communicate to any reader all the key information about your music in way which is comprehensive, clear, and to the point, and which draws fans in. Here we look at how to do just that.


Guest post by Scott Matthews

Your music is ready to be released to the public. Now what is remaining is just for you to figure out how to come up with a well written press release. You want it to be on point. You want to communicate with your reader and share with him or her all the important information in an engaging and crystal clear way without making it too long.

You neither want to write a very brief release so that your reader may not feel left out. Coming up with a great press release is simple and easy once you start writing it regularly. If this is your first time writing a music press release, then this article is for you.

Once you follow these tips you will start writing it without struggle. If you have been writing press releases for a while, you can also read along for you to see where you need to improve. Let’s start now.

Understand what you want to promote

You need to understand the main reason why you want people to read your music press release. What do you want them to do? Do you want them to write and publish about the shows you will be doing in future? Do you want your release to be the subject of discussion?

All you need to do is focus on what you want. Focus on producing great music. Focus on your goals and objectives. Once you clearly know your goals and objectives, you can now create your press release around them. Do not be vague. Just saying you are promoting yourself is not enough. Everyone is doing that. People want to know what you are doing right now and your future plans and projects.[1]

Grab Attention

SingerSingerAfter understanding what you are promoting, it is time for you to grab attention by thinking of what makes your project interesting. Releasing an album is an achievement but so many artists are doing the same thing. Why should your release be loved by the press?

Maybe you are thinking that you have none. Remember, you must find it. Did you mow lawns to raise money for the release?  Did you quit your dream job to record your album? Did you write all the songs while training hard? Find an interesting story to keep your readers engaged!

Writing Your First Paragraph

Your first paragraph is the introduction. So, it should cover the most important information about your release such as the who, where, what and how. You want someone who does not read the first paragraph to get the basic information about your album or project.

Since majority of readers usually read the first paragraph, you need to keep them engaged so that they can have the urge to continue reading. Like writers from Assignment Holic, you should strive to keep your readers engaged. If they decide not to read the entire release, they should walk away knowing you and what you want to promote.[2]

Writing Your Second Paragraph

This is the section where you make your release colorful and vibrant. What you decide to include in this paragraph will depend on what you are promoting. You need to describe your music. You can compare them to give your reader some reference. Just as writers from Xpertwriters.com write unique articles, you should show your reader how your story is unique. Include information that a journalist or blogger can use to tell your story. Let your readers know about your future concerts and tours. The first paragraph mainly deals with what you as an artist, are doing. The second paragraph tells the reader why you are doing what you are or will be doing. Keep the paragraph short and straight to the point. [3]

Your Conclusion

The last paragraph is normally easier to write compared to the first two paragraphs. In this paragraph, you tell the reader how they can get more copies or information if it is possible.

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